AML RegTech

There’s no better time than the present!

Learn step-by-step from the professionals how to complete an AML/CFT business risk assessment for any sized business, in any industry sector.

The six things that you will learn

Measuring Risk

Learn how to measure AML/CFT risk through a step-by-step illustration on the risk management process.

Learning on the go

Discover the primary components and international standards to an AML assessment framework.

Fixing the mindset

Learn the practical application of identifying, measuring and reporting AML/CFT risks.

Key Risk Indicators

We demystify complexities of the risk based approach. Learn how to apply key risk indicators.

Risk Controls

We will discuss the types of controls required to manage and mitigate ongoing risks so you can keep your stakeholders satisfied.

Ongoing Monitoring

Learn the essentials for keeping a risk assessment up-to-date. Be ready for an audit. Get peace of mind and rest easy.

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