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Customer Risk Profiling (KYC)

Use regulatory technology to obtain quality compliance data for informed customer risk profiling KYC. Identify higher-risk customers and understand the exposure characteristics for ongoing monitoring.

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Know Your Customer

Data should underly every business decision. Yet too often, businesses omit crucial factors for profiling, monitoring and reporting AML/CFT risks.

Risk Profiling

Customers present the greatest risk for a business unwittingly facilitating money laundering or terrorist financing. Identify higher risk customers with a reliable profiling methodology.

Case Management

Track, monitor and report. A case management register provides easy management of all administrative client-related matters.

Governance Reporting

Ensure executives and Board of Directors are informed with succinct data reports.

AML risk assessment software
Ongoing Monitoring

Data filters make it easy to produce reports, charts and heat maps for quick analysis of issues requiring escalation.

AML Risk Assessments
what is a money laundering risk assessment

Exclusive Features.

Data collation, record keeping and compliance reporting are automated to ensure a seamless workflow.

AML360 Laptop
Easy To Use

The platform is intuitive with a point and click function. Updates are instant.

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Geographical Reach

A digital solution for all countries and financial sector industries.

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Heat Maps

Visualise data in attractive charts for instant interpretation of KYC risk profiling.

Real Time

Real time reporting reduces the probability of a breach occurring.


You control where your data is stored and who can access it.

Solve Real Problems when identifying customer risk profiling KYC

Your KYC platform is customised to the nature, size and complexity of your business. Updates to identify and manage AML customer risks are quick and easy. Use the online register to identify higher-risk customers.  A case management feature is available for recording activity and ongoing monitoring. Customer risk profiling can capture geographies, individual characteristics of the customer, the products or services acquired and the expected volume and value of account activity.

AML360 HealthCheck

Eliminate generic KYC profiling

Customer Risk Report | Heat Maps | Informed Analysis

Operating without a customer risk profiling KYC system is the leading cause for regulatory action. Get confidence with proven regulatory technology.