AML Risk Assessment Software

AML risk assessments should underlie every business decision when developing an AML/CFT program. Yet too often, businesses fail to identify real risks. The AML360 business risk assessment provides accuracy with regulatory technology.

aml risk assessment software
AML Risk Assessment

Best Practice

Use an AML risk-based approach guided by international best practices. This is a quality and efficient method to identify AML business risks.

AML software

Eliminate Consultants

This AML risk assessment software incorporates professional advisory services in the risk report. Prompts and tips are provided for the program.

AML risk analysis


Your AML/CFT business risk report quickly identifies higher-risk areas with colour-coded heat maps.

Comprehensive Analysis

Your report is divided into five divisions of - Nature, size and complexity of business, Customers, Products / Transactions, Method of Delivering Products/Services and Geography risks. Each division provides a risk score, a key risk indicator for individual elements within the division, and a narration to explain the risk.

AML risk assessment software

AML Risk Assessment Software

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of AML360's AML risk assessment software. Whether you are the Head of Risk at a tier 1 bank or an owner/operator of a small legal or accountancy firm, AML360 provides you an online account to complete an AML/CFT business risk assessment.

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Risk Based Approach

FATF Recommendations

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All Industry Sectors

All Jurisdictions

Fully Customised

ML/FT Risk Assessment


Plug & Go

Qualitative Data

Quantitative Data

Heat Maps

Easy Updates

Case Management

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Risk Analysis

Nature, Size & Complexity

Customers (B2C and B2B)


Method of Delivery


AML Risk Assessment Software

AML risk assessment software is designed to step a user through the risk analysis process for reporting on risks linked to money laundering and terrorist financing. AML360's firm-wide risk assessment report identifies higher risks within a business. A report is provided detailing the risk status of over 50 areas within a business. An overall risk score is provided, including individual risk ratings for the primary business divisions. This includes the (a) nature, size and complexity of business, (b) products, services and transactions, (c) customer types, (d) method of delivering products/services and (e) geography risks.

AML risk assessment software
AML risk assessment software


AML360 was a pioneer of the online money laundering risk assessment, completing its first version in 2014. Since that time we have continued to enhance product outcomes and are now recognised as leading software vendor for the global business community.

AML business risk assessment

All Industries

Whether your business is small or large, the AML360 risk based approach to AML compliance is catered to all business types, across all jurisdictions. The risk status can be viewed at group level or drilled down to single business entity.

AML Software


The risk report will guide your business on the types of policy, procedures and controls that should be considered in order to meet regulatory expectation of the risk based approach.

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