Money Laundering Risk Assessment Tool

A money laundering risk assessment tool is used for profiling business operations, customers, geographies, products and services. The profiling measures the probability of facilitating money laundering and terrorism financing. AML360 is a leading regulatory software vendor for managing AML/CFT compliance obligations.

AML Business Risks

A money laundering business risk assessment provides critical information for developing policies, procedures and controls. Anti-money laundering compliance starts with understanding what areas of business operations have higher risk exposure. Log in to your AML360 dashboard and complete your AML/CFT business risk assessment.

aml/cft risk assessments

AML Customer Risk Profiling

Customers present the greatest risk for a business unwittingly facilitating money laundering or terrorism financing. For these reasons, customer risk profiling must be adopted into policy, procedures and controls. AML360 provides a single platform for customer onboarding, risk profiling and ongoing monitoring of account activity.

AML Transaction Monitoring

Once customers are onboarded and using account services, monitoring of their activity must be managed effectively. This requires risk rating products and ensuring customer activity is expected and not unusual. AML360 provides an ongoing monitoring platform. No coding is required for setting monitoring rules.

AML Transaction Monitoring
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