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AML Risk Analysis and Reporting Impact Compliance Efficiency


  • AML risk analysis and compliance reporting are fundamental to an AML compliance program.  Anti-money laundering procedures, risk analysis, and reporting controls must be streamlined for business compliance efficiency. AML360 software is configured to follow the regulatory risk-based approach. The AML RegTech solution removes complex processes and simplifies risk and compliance reporting.
BSA/AML Risk Assessment
BSA/AML Risk Assessment
BSA/AML Risk Assessment

AML/CFT Business Risks

By relying on regulatory technology known as Compliance-as-a-Service, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of AML360’s digital compliance platform. Whether you are the Head of Risk at a tier 1 bank or an owner/operator of a small legal or accountancy firm, AML360 provides the easy-to-use technology for measuring your AML/CFT risks.

Risk Based Approach

AML360 provides risk reporting for all businesses obligated under AML/CFT laws requiring a ‘risk-based approach’ to the evaluation of business operations.

AML RegTech

Login, select data on screen, click Calculate. Your report is ready.

AML Risk Analysis Manual

A comprehensive risk guidance manual is included with your report. This allows your business to fully understand the risk methodology and results.

Importance of AML/CFT Risk Analysis

AML/CFT business risk assessments drive the expected strengths of procedures and controls to reduce inherent risks and manage ongoing risks.  The risk analysis process should have the capability of undergoing testing by independent auditors and AML/CFT Supervisors.   AML360’s technology incorporates descriptions of the risk-based application for measuring money laundering and financing of terrorism risks across business divisions. 

About AML360

Over the past 5 years, AML360 has consistently ranked as a leading, innovative vendor, providing Software-as-a-Service. Focusing on anti-money laundering compliance, AML360 provides a single platform for managing every aspect of AML/CFT regulatory obligations. This includes client onboarding, client profiling, country risks, account monitoring and governance tools for management reporting.