AML Firm-Wide Risk Assessment

The AML Firm-Wide Risk Assessment takes less than 60 minutes to complete with AML360 regulatory technology. Obtain a comprehensive risk report, heat maps and a guidance manual. Evaluate money laundering and terrorism financing risks with regulatory technology and reduce your business costs. Move to a safe harbour with a reliable risk methodology.

AML Firm Wide Risk Assessment Report

Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of AML360's AML firm-wide assessment. Whether you are the Head of Risk at a tier 1 bank or an owner/operator of a small legal or accountancy firm, AML360 provides you an online account to complete an AML/CFT business risk assessment.

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AML Firm-Wide Assessment

AML360 incorporates compliance software and advisory services into a single platform.

Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment

We have utilised machine learning to help you streamline and automate your enterprise wide business risk assessment. 

Virtual Consulting

Our software solutions incorporate advisory services. We reduce compliance costs by reducing internal human resourcing.

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Virtual Reality

Developing virtual AML/CFT compliance solutions is our forte. We provide you with an outstanding compliance framework.

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Compliance Modernisation

Your AML360 platform deploys an end-to-end pipeline for every aspect of your compliance needs.

Profiling With AI

Our algorithms ensure we match the nature, size and complexity of your business to an adequate profiling methodology.

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Internet of Things

Our cloud infrastructure reaches every corner of the globe and connects your remote team so they can collaborate online. 

AML Firm-Wide Risk Assessment

Complete an AML firm-wide assessment with AML360's regulatory technology for a professional AML/CFT business risk report. Updates can be undertaken as often as required throughout the subscription period. By utilising technology, your business reduces costs arising from human resourcing commitment. You also gain compliance efficiency. The risk report explains the risks and provides prompts on how risks can be managed with policy, procedures and controls. Don't take the risk of an inadequate risk assessment. Rely on regulatory technology and streamline the process of reporting.

aml firm-wide assessment

Plug & Go!

This AML firm-wide assessment software has been designed by AML/CFT academics and former advisers to the government. Already configured to the regulatory risk-based approach, you log in and go. Commence with providing an email for the report to be sent. Then, select data from the screen, add notes, and click 'Calculate'. Your report includes a narration of the level of risk exposure. Heat maps make it easy to quickly identify hot spots. Your guidance manual makes it easy to interpret the risk methodology.